What Lola Wants (2015)

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What Lola Wants (2015)

77 min - Western, Drama - 12 June 2015
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Watch What Lola Wants on Putlocker, Exceptional lyrical writing. Stunning scenery. All mixed together in a tale of the many sides of love from twisted to true. I recommend you go along for this sweet ride with Lola! Be warned- Dale Dickey's character will give you nightmares, Robert Taylor is brilliantly unnerving and Charles S Dutton is unpredictable & witty. And these are just a few of the marvelous supporting actors. Sophie Lowe & Beau Knapp (Lola & Marlo) are ablaze as they steer you through this heart searing tangled puzzle - Lola must fight unrelenting obstacles to reclaim what is hers. Best indie film I've seen in a long time. Happy I was smart enough to have, in a very small way, supported this adventure through Indiegogo crowd funding. Unexpected generous rewards & updates from the filmmakers had my heart from the beginning I must admit. Everyone involved is committed and their passion for this film shines through every minute of the movie! My first review ever. Hope it entices you to see this film. Hit the road. Follow your heart. Watch your back. What Lola Wants Seventeen year old LOLA FRANKLIN runs away from home but allows the world to believe she has been kidnapped. Intent on making her way across country, she meets a boy (MARLO) her age in a New Mexico diner. They fall instantly in love. But when Marlo learns of the reward for Lola's safe return, he must confront his own past and decide whether to take Lola back home to collect the reward or help her continue her mysterious journey.

Director:  Rupert Glasson
Writers:  Rupert Glasson

Watch What Lola Wants (2015) Full Movie Online on Putlocker. It’s best Action, Drama, Romance The Latin Explosion: A New America movie of the yearTV Movie 12 June 2015 and is directed Rupert Glasson

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