Spider-Man 3 (2007)

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Spider-Man 3 (2007)

PG-13 139 min - Fantasy, Action, Adventure - 1 May 2007
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Watch Spider-Man 3 Movie on Putlocker, When it comes to completing a trilogy, superhero movies have been generally bobbins. The ideal trilogy closer should augment existing themes and visual motifs, while introducing new characters that drive the story to unexplored heights. Comic-book movies have tended to translate this. The Spider-Man franchise had all the potential in the world to become that great trilogy: with Sam Raimi at the helm the first two films triumphed at the box office and, more importantly, were crackers. So it’s a shame to report that, while Spider-Man 3 is a consistently enjoyable start to the summer silly season, it more pings off the post than completes the hat-trick. One of Raimi’s most admirable traits throughout the series to date has been his refusal to pit his protagonist against multiple villains, thus avoiding the unfocused fate of, say, Batman Forever, in which the title character essentially cameoed in his own movie. In Spider-Man 3, however, Raimi breaks his own rules, racking up not one, not two, but THREE different nemeses (four, if you count the enemy within) for our friendly neighbourhood whatsit to contend with. And while the broth isn’t spoiled by the presence of too many cooks there's too much giddy entertainment here for that it sure tasted a lot better with just a spider in our soup. Multiple villains can be done, of course, as shown in Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins. But where Nolan had his bad guys simply show up, bringing little-to-no back-story, Raimi has always insisted that his villains should have an arc.

Director:  Sam Raimi

Watch Spider-Man 3 Movie (2007) Full Movie Online on Putlocker. It was a Sci-fi,Thriller movie released on  May 4, 2007 and directed by Sam Raimi.

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