Operation Mekong (2016)

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Operation Mekong (2016)

Thriller, Action - 30 September 2016
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Watch Operation Mekong (2016) Movie on Putlocker, Chinese narco-cops take their mission to the Golden Triangle following the Mekong River massacre of innocent fishermen by the region's drug lord.Two Chinese merchant ships were attacked in Mekong river and 13 crews were killed. Thai policemen found 9 hundred thousand crystal meth on the ships. This new shocked China. Gang Gao, the leader of Narcotics Corps in Yun Nan province was assigned to lead a special team to Golden Triangle to investigate. Cooperated with a informer, Fanxin Wu, Gao discovered that 13 crew member were brutally murdered and framed up. Gao and Wu decided to fight for justice out of China no matter what it takes. The usual problem of the Chinese films is they're full of patriotic slogans, "We have to let our Chinese citizens get the real fact and truth, no matter what!" The stereotyped instruction that the higher ranking officers or bureaucrats give to their lower ranking guys is always stupid non-sense: "Be careful, watch yourself, no matter what we have to sacrifice, we have to get this guy." That's why You always see a scene in Chinese movies when a guy climbing up a ladder, the others down there always telling that climber with a WTF instruction: "Be careful! Don't fall down!" WTF!? This stupid must-have dialog and scenes in Chinese films is like what we usually see in the Korean films: The actor always talking to himself or herself of what he or she was thinking during that moment. The typical Korean movies always with such stupid monologue, actor(s) talking to himself or herself in order to let the audiences know what he or she was thinking and in the meantime, explaining some part of the story-line.

Director:  Dante Lam

Watch Operation Mekong (2016) Full Movie Online on Putlocker. It was a  Action, Adventure movie released on 30 September 2016 (USA) and  is directed Dante Lam.

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