The Great Wall (2016)

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The Great Wall (2016)

104 min - Adventure, Thriller, Action - 1 December 2016
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Watch The Great Wall (2016) Movie on Putlocker, The story of an elite force making a last stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure. The latest Zhang Yimou flick is definitely a 'leave your brains back at home' type of adventure. Rather than serving as a work of art, like Mr Zhang's other works, it's purpose is to bank as much as possible with it's predictable story-line and overstuffed cast of big names who aren't used to their full potential. There are too many characters that aren't explored and are therefore pointless. The majority of the scenes are given to Damon and Jing Tian's clichéd 'will they, will they not-potential lovers' character arcs. In fact a good 25% of the film seems to focus on Jing Tian's face. The dialogue seems to have been cut from a large block of cheese and didn't do the actors any favours. For instance, Jing Tian's English lines were facepalm worthy and I spent a good portion of the film having a giggle whenever she spoke. Her delivery made them even worse.The foreign actors; Damon, Pascal, and Dafoe were doing what they could with the sub-par script and at times it felt awkward. For instance, the opening scene with Damon and Pascal. Damon spends a lot of the film doing his Jason Bourne face and speaking silly dialogue. His talent is wasted here and he only serves as the necessary.

Director:  Zhang Yimou
Writers:  Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard, Tony Gilroy

Watch The Great Wall (2016) Full Movie Online on Putlocker. It was a Action, Adventure, Fantasy movie released on 17 February 2017 and directed by Yimou Zhang.

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