Gallowwalkers (2012)

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Gallowwalkers (2013)

R 90 min - Action, Horror, Western - 6 August 2013
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Watch Gallowwalkers on Putlocker, When a nun broke her covenant with God to save the life of Aman, her unborn son, he was cursed for life. As an adult, Aman (Snipes) has killed those who have crossed him. But his curse brings his victims back to life, and as the undead, they pursue him endlessly for revenge. Forever suffering this curse, Aman enlists Fabulos (Smith), a young gunman, to fight by his side against his undead victims.

Director:  Andrew Goth
Writers:  Andrew Goth, Joanne Reay

Watch Gallowwalkers (2012) Full Movie Online on Putlocker. It’s best Action, Fantasy, Horror movie of the year released on 15 March 2014 (Japan) and is directed by Andrew Goth.

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