Final Destination 3 (2006)

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Final Destination 3 (2006)

R 93 min - Horror, Mystery - 10 February 2006
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Watch Final Destination 3 (2006) Movie on Putlocker, A student's premonition of a deadly rollercoaster ride saves her life and a lucky few, but not from death itself – which seeks out those who escaped their fate.When Wendy Christensen has a vision of an accident on the roller coaster, resulting in her and her friends' deaths, she instantly begins to panic, causing more of her friends to be left of the ride. The remaining friends, including Wendy's boyfriend, are stuck on the roller coaster and find themselves involved in the accident. With death waiting around the corner, Wendy and Kevin Fischer must try and work out death's plan, before they and the remaining survivors end up dead. You gotta admire a film like this. Plot is original to say the least and even though there are many holes in this trilogy the ingenious deaths and roller-coaster crashes sure make up for it. The roller-coaster scene is worth your money alone and is a frightening scene to watch. This is a lot faster paced than the other two in my opinion, and why not? i mean once the main characters discover what is going on then why shouldn't the deaths keep coming and coming. After all thats what attracts a lot of people to this trilogy, the random ways in which people can die. This film will make you think twice about using a tanning bed though, but hey getting a nice tan never hurt anyone!!!...much 🙂

Director:  James Wong

Watch Final Destination 3 (2006) Full Movie Online on Putlocker. It was a  Horror movie released on 10 February 2006 (USA) and  is directed James Wong

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